The Soul Goes On A Jade Lake In Pleiku Volcano

Coming to Pleiku and missing Tonle Lake is missing half of my journey. Bien Ho or T’nung Lake is a freshwater lake located on a plateau in the northwest of Pleiku city and only about 7km from the city center. From the city center, you keep following Highway 14 to come home.


The road to Bien Ho is shaded by pine trees. It is thought that this particular species only exists in Da Lat. Every autumn and autumn, this road turns into a romantic yellow, not inferior to Korea.

When I got to the lake, I felt so refreshed, the atmosphere was so fresh and cool. Blue lake water reflects the sky, the scenery is beautiful and charming. With blue water all year round, Bien Ho is like a jade in the middle of the mountains of the majestic Central Highlands.


Bien Ho used to be a crater that has been inactive for hundreds of millions of years. Because the vastness of this lake is like the open sea, the locals named it Tonle Lake. But the name T''nung is associated with a legend about Tonle Sap. The story is that, the lake named T''nung is the name of an ancient village in the legend. In the past, the village was rich and prosperous, and the people lived peacefully. Suddenly one day the volcano came down and buried the village. The survivors mourn over their villages and their relatives forever unrelenting, tears flowing into the lake, retaining the name T '' but as a souvenir of the village.


Bien Ho is beautiful at every moment of the day. At dawn the first sunshine, Bien Ho is mysterious beauty with fog. When the sun was up, the lake water turned clear blue like the "good eyes" of the young girl full moon. When the sunset gently falls, the scenery is tinged with the reddish yellow color of the sunset, creating a very romantic scene


No matter how harsh the nature, the drought, but up to now, this lake has never run out. Is it strange? Therefore, Tonle Sap is the source of domestic water for the whole city of Pleiku.

The Tonle Sap is not only beautiful in real life but also alive in the harmony songs about it. “You are so beautiful, Pleiku! My heart wants to be broken. Dare not to look into those eyes, the eyes of Pleiku - Bien Ho is full ”. Bien Ho appeared as a salty Pleiku girl, immersed in the song Pleiku Eyes used to captivate many friends 8x days ago.


In the shimmering scenery, there is nothing better than strolling around the lake on a canoe, which is a little scary but also very interesting right? Where is the "virtual life" team, how can we ignore such a scene? Hurry and come check-in.


Add the Pleiku Lake right now to refresh your travel map! Do not forget that even in the mountainous town of Pleiku, there is a beautiful sea that captivates people like this.